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Essential tips to take care of your Murano Glass

Posted by Heath Rosenzweig on

So, you finally bought the Murano vase of your dreams, or a beautiful art piece for your living room. After you’ve placed it in the best spot of your house, what’s next? The key to keeping our Murano glass home decor as gorgeous as the first day is to take care of it.

Glass is a delicate material. Putting aside its fragility, it can be prone to scratches. Using the wrong cleaning product may cause stains or damage its color or design. Depending on the Murano glass technique used, your piece could need special care to preserve its beauty and glow.

Below, we share the basic tips to keep our Murano pieces like new:

Back to basics: Use slightly warm water, neutral soap and a lint-free cloth. Remove any dust that may be present. If you live in an area with hard water, use distilled or filtered water. After rinsing the glass, dry it with another cloth to avoid water spots.

Handle with care: Be very delicate when cleaning your Murano glass piece, as if you were bathing a child. Never rub the surface too harshly. Also, since glass can shatter under a sudden change of temperature, you should never use hot water to clean it.

Keep it separate: Never wash two or more Murano glass pieces together, as they might scratch one another. Clean one at a time. When it comes to jewelry pieces, it’s best to clean each bead or part individually.

No Chemistry experiments: Do not use harsh chemicals, such as ammonia to clean your Murano pieces. It might cause irreparable damage and, if mixed improperly, be harmful to your health. Even baking soda, popular for “green” cleaning products, is too aggressive for Murano glass.  

Banish stains carefully: Vinegar is really good to remove unwanted stains, such as the ones left by hard water. Soak the area with vinegar for a little while, and then rinse with distilled water. If you have grime, you can use a mild dishwashing liquid soap and a cloth.

Keep your jewelry inside the box: Always keep your Murano pendants and necklaces inside their original boxes. You can clean them with a cloth and some soapy water, then dry them completely before storing them in the box. Be careful when cleaning any metal parts of your accessories; they must not be soaked in water for too long.

Murano glass products can be timeless if they’re properly taken care of. Always follow your vendor’s instructions to keep your pieces shiny and new for many years to come.

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