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Four Great Murano Glass Artists You Should Know

Posted by Heath Rosenzweig on

venice murano italy artists glass

For centuries, the work of Murano glassmakers has fascinated the art world. Plenty of artists and craftsmen have come and gone, but few have managed to make a name for themselves beyond the island.

Today, we’ll talk about four of the most famous Murano glass artists, whose pieces are iconic of the modern Murano style. Through their artwork, these four masters honor the legacy of the island’s tradition, while also giving it their own modern touch.

Davide Salvadore

Venice Murano glass artist

Born in Murano, Davide Salvadore is one of the most well known modern Murano glass artists. Descended from a family of glassworkers, he learned the tricks of the trade from his grandfather. In 1987, he founded his own studio, Campagnol e Salvadore, and started to reinvent and modernize classic techniques. His works have been exhibited in Spain, the U.S., Germany, and Taiwan.

Lino Tagliapietra

venice murano artist glass

Also born in Murano, Lino Tagliapietra became a master glassmaker in his early 20s. While working with some of the best glasswork companies on the island, he also started to define his own individual style. Tagliapietra has worked independently since 1990, creating pieces that have been exhibited in museums in San Francisco, London, and New York City.

Lucio Bubacco

venice murano glass artwork

Lucio Bubacco is another son of Murano. Born in 1957, he received his artisan's license when he was only 15 and began marketing Venetian lampwork collectibles. In 1980, his style shifted towards a new direction when he began to study anatomical drawing with Venetian artist Alessandro Rossi. From that point on, his work focused more on figures in movement. Some common themes in his work include seduction, metamorphosis, and transformation.

Vittorio Costantini

venice murano glass design artist

Can you believe it? Those insects shown above are made of glass! Nature is the main theme of Vittorio Costantini’s artwork, and his incredible attention to detail and fascination for nature is clearly seen in his pieces. At the age of 11, Costantini began working with glass as an apprentice in a glass factory, and flame work quickly evolved into a lifelong passion. Costantini makes his own pieces, but also shares his extensive knowledge about his craft through teaching and demonstrations.

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