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Red, Black, and Clear Cerchi Circles Necklace

Venice Murano Designs

  • $ 6800

Cerchi circles necklace with red, black, and clear links. Necklace itself is made of black Murano glass beads. Those that have discovered this beautiful piece love it, and wear it often. Handmade in Murano, Venice, Italy, and now available for the first time outside of Venice. There is a high level of intricacy in putting together this Murano glass piece. The glass must be carefully fused together in a circle-in-circle fashion so that all three of the rings are one inside of the other. Actual necklace is adjustable, and measures approximately 19 1/2 - 21 inches (49.5 - 53.3 cm). You will love this stylish piece for your collection.

Ships in 1-2 business days.